Android Auto No Longer Recognizing Some Cars After Recent Update

A recent Android Auto update is believed to be the culprit of a new bug with the app, as users are complaining that their cars are no longer recognized when plugging in Android phones.
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More specifically, the glitch appears to be linked with the June update, with some of those who installed this version confirming on Google’s forums that “suddenly the app does not recognize my car.

Everything worked smoothly before the update, these users say, and right now, nothing seems to fix this glitch. Trying to repair the phone with the vehicle’s head unit doesn’t make any difference either, as Android Auto just fails to recognize the car no matter what.

Oddly enough, not only that this doesn’t seem to be a very widespread issue, but it also happens randomly without any clear pattern. For example, one user says that the connectivity problem is encountered with a Google Pixel 2 XL, but on the other hand, connecting a Google Pixel 2 works just as expected.

I also having the same issue. I have a 2018 Honda Civic. I can not get my Pixel 3a to connect either. I keep getting a pop up message saying that Auto Connect has disabled. It says to unplug cable and restart. Does the same thing. I have all my Apps up to date and I even deleted my phone and tried to reinstall to the car,” one user explains.

The only way to go right now without Android Auto is to just stick with the Bluetooth connection after the phone is paired with the car. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a workaround and isn’t by any means a replacement for the entire Android Auto experience, but at least you can continue talking on the phone using the car’s speakers and listen to music through media apps installed on the mobile device, like Spotify or other players.

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