676 Turner Mk.II (1961) PSJ 261

Turner Mk.II Sports (1960-63) Engine 1275cc S4

Production 150

Race Number (not shown) (59) David Waterhouse (Henley in Arden)

Registration Number PSJ 261 (Bute)



The first Turner models were produced between 1951 and 1966 by Turner Sports Car Company Limited, a company established by Jack Turner near Wolverhampton. As well as complete cars, Turners were available in kit form. In 1966,

The Turner Mark 2 appeared in 1960, with improved interior trim and further minor styling revisions from the Mark 1. From 1960, the front suspension became Triumph Herald-based. In 1961, as well as the Austin and Coventry Climax engines, other options were introduced, such as the Ford 105E 997 cc and 109E 1,340 cc units. Finally, in 1963, the new Ford Cortina 1,500 cc engine was also made available. About 150 Turner Sports Mk II models were made

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Shot 17.07.2016 at Shelsey Walsh Classic Nostalgia Meeting, Worcestershire REF 121-676

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