669 Subeam Tiger 2 (1968) TGR 65 C (formerly SUK 705 F)

Sunbeam Tiger II (1967-68) Engine 289cu in (4700cc) V8 Ford Production 571

Registered Number TGR 65 C (Personalised 1965 number, tranferred February 2016 first issued from Sunderlend)

Former Registration Number SUK 705 F (Wolverhampton)



The Rootes group answer to the AC Cobra. Built on a stiffened Sunbeam Alpine chassis and body, with rack and pinion steering, Girling disc brakes at the front and drums at the rear. The suspension was independent at the front, using coil springs, and at the rear had a live axle and semi-elliptic springs. Apart from the addition of a Panhard rod to better locate the rear axle, and stiffer front springs to cope with the weight of the V8 engine, The fitting points for the Panhard rod interfered with the upright spare wheel in the boot, which was repositioned to lie horizontally beneath a false floor; the battery was moved from beneath the rear seat to the boot at the same time. The kerb weight of the car increased from the 2,220 lb (1,010 kg) of the standard Alpine to 2,653 lb (1,203 kg).

The Tiger 1 (1964-66) had been powered by a 260cu in US Ford V8, but the model was replaced by the Tiger II for the 1967 model year.

The Tiger II was powered by the 289cu in (4700cc) V8 Ford of the Ford Mustang. The larger 289 cu in (4.7 L) Ford engine improved the Tiger's 0–60 mph (97 km/h) time to 7.5 seconds, and increased the top speed to 122 mph, the gear ratios are wider and an alternator replaced the dynamo, cross hatch grille and go faster stripes. Officially the Mark II Tiger was only available in the US, where it was called the Tiger II. But by the time the Mark II car went into production Chrysler was firmly in charge of Rootes, and the "Powered by Ford" shields were replaced by "Sunbeam V-8" badges

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Shot 17.07.2016 at Shelsey Walsh Classic Nostalgia Meeting, Worcestershire REF 121-669

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