636 Ogle SX1000 (1961) 163 TPD

Ogle SX1000 (1962-64) Engine 1071cc S4 BMC A Series (Mini Cooper S)

Production 66

Registration Number 163 TPD (Surrey)



Designed and built by David Ogle's design firm, the SX1000 was the companies second vehicle following a Riley 1.5 based car.

introduced in 1962 and Ogle design based on the running gear of the Mini. The conversion cost £550 plus the customer supplied base car. Later in 1962, complete cars became available with the 997 cc Cooper version costing £1176. Any of the Mini engines could be specified up to the Mini Cooper S unit which topped out at 110 mph (180 km/h). The cars were fully equipped and featured a padded dashboard for increased safety.[1] It is thought that 66 were made, with Jack Brabham buying one for his wife Betty for their first anniversary. Sadly David Ogle was killed at the wheel of his own SX1000

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