548 Lancia Artena series III (1935) WXG 801

Lancia Artena (1931-39) Engine 1924 V4 OHV

Production 2040 Series III 1933-36 (5567 total)

Registration Number WXG 801 (Middlesboro)

The Lancia Artena (Tipo 228) was produced 1931-36 and resumed for 1940-42 chiefly for Italian Army use. It was powered by a 2-litre Lancia V4 engine, while chassis and factory bodies were shared with the more luxurious 2.6-litre V8-engined Lancia Astura. The Artena was unveiled at the 1931 Paris Motorshow and was named after an ancient town. There were four successive versions of the car. The first series was built between autumn of 1931 through summer of 1932; during the next year the second series was produced, and the third series from Autumn 1933 till the start of 1936. The third series incororated new bodywork with a slanted grille, a modified chassis in two different wheelbases which included our passenger saloon on the short chassis, and six passenger saloon on the normal chassis. I

The Artena differed from the earlier Lambda with a body-on-frame construction, in contrast to the Lambda's unibody providing a basis for coachbuilders. Its V4 engine had a single Zenith carburettor and chain driven overhead camshafts producing a maximum output of 54bh5 and a claimed top speed of 115kmph (71 mph)

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