418 Hillman Imp (1966) FNT 481 D

Hillman Imp (1963-76) Engine 875 cc S4 OC

Production 440,032

Registration Number FNT 481 D (Shropshire)



Developed under the project name Apex by the Rootes Group to take on the BMC Mini, though the Imp arrived 4 years later than the Mini. Powered by an all aluminium 875cc rear mounted engine . With version badge engineered as Singer and Sunbeam.

Rootes had been given a Government grant for a new assembly plant and a stake in a brand new Pressed Steel plant to be built in Linwood, Glasgow then an employment black spot. But production was beset with stoppages and costs incurred in producing the engine casting at Linwood then transporting them to Ryton, Coventry to be machined and assembled before transporting back to Linwood for to be put in the cars, a return journey of 600 miles. Despite these problems the Imp did prove popular, though not as much as the Mini and the extra cost made them barely profitable

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Shot 30.04.2017 at Catton Hall Car Show REF 125-418

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