366 Lagonda Rapier Fixed Head Coupe (1935) VG 8072

366 Lagonda Rapier Fixed Head Coupe (1935) VG 8072

Lagonda Rapier (1934-35) Rapier (1936-38) Engine 1104cc S4 DOC Production 470 approx (+ approx 300 as Rapier 1936-38)

Registration Number VG 8072 (Norwich)



Designed by Tim Ashcroft with magneto ignition, twin horizontal carburettors, 13 inch drum brakes, designed to run up to 6000 revs. Pre-selector gearbox standard but crash boxes available..

Unfortuately Lagonda found that producing the small car was unprofitable, so sold the manufacturing rights to the Rapier Company, based in Hammersmith were production resumed from 1936 until 1938 though it did remain in sparodic production until 1940

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Shot 29.08.2016 at Shrewesbury Steam Rally, Onslow Park, Shrewesbury REF 119-366

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