232 Porsche 956C 1600 Coupe (1963) ADC 988 A

Porsche 356C Coupe (1963-65) Engine 1582 cc HO4 OHV

Registration Number ADC 988 A (Middlesborough)



The 356C was the last version of the 356, introduced for the 1964 model year, it came with a larger fuel tank, and a four cam engine with dry sump lubrication. Early 1600s retain drum brakes, All disc brakes and C specifictionon later 1600s and on the 2 litre cars which were listed as being capable of 125mph and a 0-60mph time of 9 seconds

The best year for sales coincided with the introduction of the heavier and sinificantly more expensive 911, a situation remidied with the introduction of the cheaper 912.

the last 10 356Cs were a batch of 10 Cabriolets specially ordered for the Dutch Police

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Shot 23.04.2017 at the VSCC Formula Vintage Meeting, Silverstone REF 125-232

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