(1968 Volkswagen) Eagle SS kit car

Eagle Cars Limited was an English company, based in Lancing, West Sussex. Between 1981 and 1998 they built several iterations of a gull-winged car called the Eagle SS.

As with so many of its kit car brethren, the dramatic bodywork of the Eagle SS hid humble VW Beetle underpinnings. The bodywork was from glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP), molded in a single colour. The total weight of a finished SS was around 750 kg (1,653 lb), which meant performance was considerably improved over that of a standard Beetle. A top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph) with a tuned VW engine was promised. The chassis was an unshortened Volkswagen Type 1 platform with a 2,400 mm (94.5 in) wheelbase, while the car was 4,240 mm (166.9 in) long, 1,780 mm (70.1 in) wide, and a mere 1,040 mm (40.9 in) high.

Three basic versions were produced:

The MkI had a separate internal roll cage, long nose, windows hinged at the front edge. Both bonnet and boot lids had ribbed sections, boot lid ribs could be opened up as louvers for better air flow for the VW engine if desired.

The MkII went through the most changes, receiving a shorter removable nose section, built-in roll cage on later models, longer side windows hinged from front bottom and top corners, and the addition of a Ford-based model. Ford versions have a bump on the bonnet to accommodate the engine and later versions had smooth boot lids with the ribs removed.

The MkIII reverted to a one piece nose, received a slightly higher roof, and both versions now had built-in steel bars to protect the cabin area. Side windows as per the MkII.

The company officially ceased trading in 1998, but production had ended long before. The moulds and rights to Eagle's various cars are currently in the hands of a variety of other companies. The SS moulds were sold in 2012 on eBay to a buyer from Wexford, and nothing more has been heard of them since.

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