123 Ford Escort (Mk.II) 1600 Sport (1980) GOX 134 V

Ford Escort Mk.II 1600 Sport (1975-80) Engine 1599cc S4 OHV Production 631,828 (in the UK - over 2 million worldwide)

Registration Number GOX 134 V (London)



The Escort Mk.II was launched in 1975, redesigned with a more square shaped body on the existing Escort underside and running gear. Built in Britain at Halewood and a number of other countries. Unlike the first Escort (which was developed by Ford of Britain), the second generation was developed jointly between the UK and Ford of Germany. Codenamed "Brenda" during its development, The car used a revised underbody, which had been introduced as a running change during the last six months production of the Mark I. Rear suspension still sat on leaf springs

The "L" and "GL" models (2-door, 4-door, estate) were in the mainstream private sector, the "Sport", "RS Mexico", and "RS2000" in the performance market, the "Ghia" (2-door, 4-door) for a hitherto untapped small car luxury market, and "base / Popular" models for the bottom end.

A cosmetic update was given in 1978 with L models gaining the square headlights (previously exclusive to the GL and Ghia variants) and there was an upgrade in interior and exterior specification for some models. Underneath a wider front track was given.

In 1979 and 1980 three special edition Escorts were launched: the Linnet, Harrier and Goldcrest.

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