Monthly Archives: June 2020

Don’t wreck your mad new paint job, read this first!

So you've just had your car painted and it looks rad to the power of sick. But now you need to put it back together, and this is where the old saying "preparation is key" really comes into its own.  After all the time and expense of having a car painted the last thing you…
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Why does car paint cost so much?

The old saying goes “time is money” and there is no better example of this than when you get a car painted.    Getting a mad new coat of paint is one of the ultimate boogeymen to conquer when working on old nuggets, as getting a perfect shine on ruler-straight panels takes hundreds of hours…
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Why would you buy a car you dislike?

There is a school of thought that theorises you can't truly criticise something without having tried it first. I am sure many of us are getting flashbacks to parents forcing Brussels Sprouts down our throats as kids when all we wanted to do was ride skateboards, eat ice cream and play with Voltron* When MOOG…
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