Monthly Archives: May 2020

FR Sports Royalty: how Toyota’s 86 has epic sports car DNA

Toyota’s sports car lineage dates way back into The Time Before Internet, but while older generations think of sports cars as cheery, small-capacity. open-top runabouts, Toyota Motor Corporation flipped this concept on its head in the 1980s. As the GTi hot hatches from Volkswagen and Peugeot took Europe by storm Toyota’s fifth-generation Corolla was launched…
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Honk-a-go-go! The Super Turbo is coming!

First things first, if you haven't watched the video of the Superturbo getting to Australia, check it out here! [embedded content] Marty’s Nissan March Super Turbo has landed Down Under and we get to hear its glorious honk in this week’s vid, as Marty takes it for its first outing. But what a journey it…
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