Monthly Archives: April 2020

Power Plays – how engine power has changed through the years

Power is a funny concept. We spend so much time chasing more of it but we get used to it so quickly. We find the new normal so fast it is easy to forget how far we’ve come. When Toyota introduced the 3S-GTE turbo two-litre four-cylinder in the 1986 ST165 GT-Four Celica, it made 136kW…
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Seats are teabags that work in reverse, here’s proof

Despite looking simple, car seats are actually complex pieces of engineering. We all understand that they need to hold you in place while fanging through mad corners, but few realise their crucial and secret role to act as reverse-teabags and absorb waste human by-products, both pleasant and unpleasant - like sweat and body aromas. This…
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